About Asuda


ASUDA aims to build a world where women prosperthroughaccess to equal rights and resources and opportunities.

Asuda strives to eliminate all forms of discrimination and marginalization against women to addresssocietal structural problems and challenge the norms and attitudes limiting women’s freedom and agency.

Our Mission

Asuda is committed to gender equity and the empowerment of women.


Asuda works to combat violence against women and girls by advocating for women’s rights and providing quality multi-sectoral responses for gender-based violence survivors.


What We Do


Asuda empowers women to actively contribute to their community and society, participate in decision-making processes, and lead social, political, and economic transformation.
Asuda supports vulnerable women and girls (widows, IDPs, refugees, SGBV survivors, FHH, etc.)socially and economically in acquiring the proper skills to become economically independent and self-reliant.


Protection & Awareness

Asuda acts against all forms of gender-based violence, seeks its prevention, and works towards women’s protection.

Asuda provides protection services to women in the form of psychological, social, and legal support directly and via a telephone hotline.


Asuda refersto cases requiring physical protection to the government and other shelters.

Asuda promotes awareness of women’s rights across society and engages women and men to changepeople’s mentality about the consequences of gender-based violence and SGBV through mass media, conferences, seminars, and workshops.


Emergency Response
Asuda seeks to alleviate the hardships women endure in the face of armed conflict and supports their efforts at recovery, resilience, and sustainable development.


Asuda advocates for peaceful and durable solutions to conflict that require multi-faceted approaches at grassroots and political levels with women’s full participation.

Asuda’s advocacy endeavourstoamend laws and regulations that discriminate against women and women’s interests, and Asuda carries out campaigns to put pressure on the government and other institutions and organizations to ensure the implementation of UN resolutions and international conventions such as UN SCR1325, UNSCR1820, SCR1888 and SCR2242.